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New Webinar Using Ads to Influence Your Business Strategy
April 26, 2021 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET
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New Webinar Using Ads to Influence Your Business Strategy
April 26, 2021 at 10AM PT / 1PM ET

Your Creative,

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Insights Software

• Understand which ads work — and why
• Identify trends to improve your ad creative
• Visuals and data, unified
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All Your Ads, All in One Place

Jove helps you solve common pitfalls (because we've been there, too, and we get it):

Issue: Making reports that creative teams don't use
Fact: Teams lose 7 hours per week due to collaboration and communication silos.
Issue: Staring at spreadsheets looking for patterns and next steps
Fact: Marketers spend 3.5 hours per week reconciling data.
Issue: Finding inspiration for fresh creative ideas
Fact: 99% of marketers say a steady stream of ideas is central to their success.

Save time.
Spark ideas.
Share them with everyone.
All this, with Creative Insights by Jove.

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Creative Insights

Get the most from your paid advertising investment.

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Generate more effective ads with insight-driven creative briefs.

Jumpstart your team’s creative engine by seeing what is truly resonating with your ad audiences.
Need New Customers?
Need new customers?
In two clicks, sort all ads by cost per acquisition within Creative Insights. See the best and worst performing ads across all of your ad channels.
Creative Insights - Cohort View
Create a cohort view
Shared Tags across your ad cohorts reveal that ads which feature messaging centered around urgency paired with visuals of people enjoying the product are a winning combination.
New Instagram Ad
Deliver informative, inspiring briefs that guide your team to success, every time.
Create a better brief

Spark new ideas for the next campaign.

Guide your team to create compelling ads, with help from detailed insights.
Planning a Product Push?
New products on the horizon?
Use Creative Insights to search for specific products. You'll quickly and easily see all ads unique to those offerings.
Creative Insights - Leaderboard ViewNew Facebook Ad
Compare historical ads side-by-side. Our handy tags help you find the underlying themes hidden of your most successful product ads.
With this knowledge, you can flawlessly execute your next big idea with confidence. Then watch your sales soar.
Create a leaderboard view
Share Insights—evolve your brand

Pinpoint what's working and know exactly what to do next.

Quickly gauge which creative is resonating, then optimize your ad buys.
Need to Compare Ad Concepts?Creative Insights - Leaderboard ViewNew Pinterest Ad
Sort ads found across all of your channels by engagement rate within just two clicks, with Creative Insights.
Add columns unique to each of your recently launched ad concepts using Tags. A roll-up view of key metrics uncovers your winning ad concept.
Identify tactics on the fly, optimize spend, and make adjustments as necessary.
Need to compare ad concepts?
Create a Leaderboard View
Easily do more of what works

Save time by compiling visual reports in just seconds.

Empower your team with actionable insights (while also dismantling ineffective communication silos).
Want to Adjust Ad Spend?Creative Insights - Scatterplot ViewNew TikTok Ad
Using Creative Insights, identify when and where to shift your ad budgets so you can scale what's working (and scale back what doesn't).
Compare cost per acquisition to ad spend across all of your ads. Select groups within the scatterplot to see shared Tags across those particular ads.
Using a common language, you'll create something everyone can use: Executives see paid ad results, creatives understanding underlying ad trends, and marketers get more value out of their paid advertising budget. Win-win-win.
Want to monitor ad spend?
Create a scatterplot view
Save and share with your team

Make decisions with confidence and success.

Gain a holistic understanding of your ads, your customers, your brand, and the competitive landscape.
Need to Track Competitors?Create a Competitor ViewNew Snapchat Ad
Understand the efforts of your brand—AND your competitors. Creative Insights is your gateway to unprecedented views and results of ALL ads.
View your competitive landscape. See past and current ads from any company.
Find out what resonates and differentiates you from the competition.
Want to understand the marketplace?
Create a share-of-voice view
Better position your brand

Coordinate. Communicate. Collaborate.

Get all your teams on the same page with what works, what doesn't, and how to act together with a shared purpose.
Creative Insights icon
Creative Insights

Create, invent, innovate. Break through.

Bridge the gap between data and creative with a visually-rich-display that fuels every step of the process.
Empower teams with details
Dream up new ideas
Get the green light
Take a new perspective
Share your thoughts
Evolve your brand with purpose
Empower Teams with Details
Quickly navigate, compare and assess your ads with custom tags to help spot trends and commonalities that spark innovative ideas.

The best brands use Jove insights every day.

Rothy'sLA ClippersDolls KillUber1800 FlowersWillow
Home DepotRad Power BikesRue Gilt GroupeInsyntrixBoundlessTables Ready

Better Creative, Starting Today.

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