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Monday, March, 1st, 10:00AM PST

Testing your ads is the only way to ensure consistent success in advertising, because ad results are completely impossible to predict. And it's easier to test your ads than you might think! Try as many ideas as possible. Quickly adjust toward what works. Refine through iteration. Scale up successes, and prepare for the next wrinkle.

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Ad testing tools for


Document goals, define how you'll measure them, and establish flexible, cross-channel data structures.

Technology has fundamentally changed the conditions that traditionally required so much upfront planning work, but many organizations have yet to capitalize on the opportunity to speed up the process.

The right planning is still critical. Today's best marketers focus planning efforts on establishing foundations that enable them to build business value and use data to learn as they go. With the right tools, modern marketing plans are truly smarter.

Step 1 of Ad Testing: Plan

Map every marketing metric across all channels to a true business objective, and instantly identify which media tactics need adjustment.

Easy, rules-based tagging for every asset in your ad arsenal makes it simple to slice and dice your data however is helpful.

Create custom, cross-channel metrics to compare ad results across the full spectrum of marketing activity.

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Modern media plans are never finished, because they’re designed to evolve through learning. Generating the right outcome is what matters—it’s no longer enough to flawlessly execute a predetermined plan. But acting fast means quickly sifting through overabundant data, which has its own set of problems (cue knowing eye-rolls from the audience). And testing more ads means generating and publishing more creatives, which can strain the capacity even of the hypothetical fully-resourced team.

Build test-and-learn media plans. Launch ads at scale. Capture results with easy reporting to help make better decisions faster.
Step 2 of Ad Testing: Test & Iterate

Test & Iterate

Get your media plan organized to test, learn, and act in a simple, systematic cycle.

Automated, cross-campaign publishing for Facebook that will save you DAYS.

Tag-based, simplified cross-channel reports fast-track the process of knowing what to do next.

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Keep your ad spend on track and focus the dollars to generate results. Isolate success factors to know what to try next.

Finding success takes work, and once found, it doesn’t last forever. You need to act fast to maximize the benefit of successful approaches, adjusting budgets to scale up spend where it’s generating positive returns. Marketers today operate from highly flexible budgets, investing the minimum amount needed to discover what works, then spending as much as possible on profitable ads. Meanwhile, they continuously try out new approaches, maintaining an insight-driven pipeline of new ideas to test.

Step 3 of Ad Testing: Scale


Parse your ad spend any way you like, and track it against your plan while understanding the business value generated by every dollar.

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Understand which ads are working, which aren’t, and now, for the first time, amazingly, WHY (or, just as importantly, why not).

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The best brands test everything.

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