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All Your Reporting Effort Is Wasted

Originally published

February 24, 2021

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If I were being cheeky, I would lead here with a joke about how even though I would never write a line like “all your reporting effort is wasted,” I’m doing it anyway.

All your reporting effort is wasted! Ok, probably not all. But, most reporting is either so granular the actions taken on it are less than material or it’s purely retrospective, like driving on the highway looking in the rearview mirror.

Do your #ads actually work 🤔? If you’re measuring really effectively, you might know the answer.

📈Identify the single metric(s) that matters most to your business — CPA, ROAS, CAC (or whatever’s right for you).

💡Identify which ads perform the best according to this metric — easy on a channel that reports the metric you care about. Much harder, but possible, across channels.

🤷Identify the "why" — this is where Creative Insights steps in! Understand what your best ads have in common (and what they don’t). Creative style, brand element, product, audience, format, etc.

Jove provides a visually-rich, cross-channel view of your ads, and it traces tags that correlate to both top and bottom performers, helping you see 🔮 just why some ads do better than others.

Care to learn more? Hit me up in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to help 😇

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