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Hello world.

A new company making fabulous advertising tools for small and remote marketing teams. Read on to see what we're all about and understand our unique point of view on testing ads.

Originally published

August 31, 2020

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Hi there, thanks for coming by. We are Jove, a software company based in Seattle, WA. We've been around about 3 years, developing software used by our agency business on behalf of hundreds of amazing clients--today we're launching Jove to bring the same software tools to everyone.

Our approach to marketing excellence focuses on what we call ad testing, which simply means trying as many things as possible, understanding what is and isn’t working, and doing more of what works. It can be a simple copy, image or landing page test, but it also spans product launches, company goals or creating new brands.

Modern marketing operates in a cycle of testing and learning, which has been true for a long time, but in the last 10 years the speed of that cycle has accelerated dramatically as technology has enabled marketers to test and learn faster, thus accelerating the rate of change in how companies win or lose versus their competition.

In our experience, while technology has allowed companies to test new concepts and ideas faster, the tools to manage that explosion of variants and team collaboration has been lacking, so many companies are still stuck doing the same old thing. Not because the team doesn’t want to evolve, but because it’s hard and marketing is still tremendously complex.

Enter Jove.

Our tools are all about making it as easy as possible for marketing teams to adapt faster to changing conditions in the market. We make simple, single-purpose tools that are easy to get up and running but that taken together enable transformative change in the marketing function. 

Our Budgets tool, for example, offers a great way (we think the best way) to track all your spending in one place. Our Insights tool makes it easy to bring together the visuals of your ads with the results data to know how well they’re working. Taken together, the Budgets and Insights tools make it possible not only to quickly adjust spending to maximize the benefit for top-performing ads but also start to understand what the data says you should try next.

Our Goals tool simply captures what you plan to accomplish and how you’ll measure whether you succeeded; based on your advertising results, it generates recommendations about where to focus in order to hit your goals. Tags by Jove makes it easy to organize your data and then analyze the results in the way that makes sense for your team and company. Reports simplifies the process of generating, um, reports, but specifically designed for marketers.

Each of these single-purpose tools is powerful in its own right, but taken together they give marketers the power to make business-critical decisions like “Which product line should I invest more in advertising to which audience to ensure I deliver my loyalty goal for the year?” 

The team at Jove has, like, 1000 combined years’ experience in marketing, helping world-class companies like Rothy’s, Uber, Home Depot, Amazon, Starbucks, and Zulily scale their businesses via ad testing, but we’ve always found that tools to support the process were lacking. We’ve found that other marketers, particularly those with smaller teams, feel the same way. They’re often so focused on just keeping things moving that they’re rarely able to set aside the time to apply a test-and-learn approach in a disciplined way. As appealing as the idea of ad testing may be, it feels too hard. 

Which brings us to why we’ve launched Jove. To make ad testing feel simple. Not to dumb it down, but to get the technology and data complexities wrangled so marketers can focus on doing what they do best: Thinking strategically. Generating creative ideas. Championing the customer. Finding business breakthroughs.

This blog and our newsletter will give you a window into how we’re thinking about our products, the challenges we’re working through, and the marketing industry at large. Please follow and subscribe, and pretty please, join the conversation with us—we really want to hear from you.

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