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Jove is Free for Nonprofits

Starting today, Jove is available free of charge for qualified charities. Here are the details.

Originally published

September 17, 2020

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The current digital marketing environment is especially challenging, for a number of reasons I won't go into detail about here--the upshot is that it's harder than ever to earn a share of attention. Advertisers are being challenged to adjust tactics and evolve quickly. Meanwhile many nonprofits, some forced to turn to advertising for the first time to maintain connections with their constituents and communities, are struggling to communicate successfully through what for many is a new channel.

For some, the challenge is existential, as traditional development channels are hindered by the pandemic. Others simply want to do more in service of their missions.

We're not saving the world here at Jove– just making marketing software. But... if the people who actually are saving the world could leverage our work in service of theirs, well, we’d feel pretty great about it. That's why starting today, Jove is available for qualified charities free of charge. We’re stoked to have something valuable to help out organizations focused on social good to contribute in a small way to their missions. 

The details:

WHAT: Jove licenses, free of charge for qualified nonprofit organizations.

WHY: Nonprofits who are running ads of any kind, whether in service of advocacy for a social cause or ticket sales for a cultural event, to make them more effective.

HOW: Fill out the contact form on our web site and we’ll hook you up:

Wait a minute, is this some kind of trick? No, it’s really not. This is one of the beauties of being in the software business: Giving it away costs us little or nothing, aside from some support costs we are happy to absorb as a contribution to society. It’s good for us as a new company because new users become a source of valuable feedback about our software. Nonprofits get better advertising results, so their dollars go farther, enabling them to accomplish more in service of their missions. And, our people feel good about it. So everyone, in this case really everyone, wins.

Have a friend in a nonprofit you think would benefit from better budget management, super easy reporting, or new approaches to discovering insights in advertising? Please share. We're ready for them!

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