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Technology in Marketing: Worth It?

Originally published

February 24, 2021

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Just for fun, I’ll go ahead and say no.

Media planning, buying, and optimization are exponentially more complex today, driven by #technology that is ever more difficult, requiring more specialization, more research, more effort, more continuous activity, analysis, decision-making, and granularity through ever-faster marketing cycles. Which also, by the way, require faster and cheaper creative production than ever (without compromising quality) to feed a machine that promises better advertising through 1:1 personalization and micro-targeting.

All that for… better return on marketing investment? Are we sure? 🤔

It’s certainly gotten harder. But where we get results, is it the technology that’s doing the getting? Here’s a suggestion:

💡 We need to re-focus on powerful communication that resonates with humans, whose personal data by the way we soon won’t be using.

💡 We need to use data available to us to understand what humans care about.

💡 We need to spend more time on inspiration-driven, intuitive, emotional, nuanced creativity and less time feeding the machines.

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February 24, 2021

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