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The 3 Most Popular Views in Creative Insights

Originally published

May 30, 2021

Written by

Jacob TallyJacob Tally

Marketing Director

If paid advertising is part of your marketing strategy, Creative Insights by Jove will not only save you time, but will help you see what creative elements your audiences are responding to, and ultimately, it will help you create better ads. Today, I want to highlight 3 ways we’re seeing new users put Creative Insights to use for their teams:

  1. The most-favorited view: Top Ads. Users tell us that they come back to this view over and over because it’s the only way that they can actually see all of their ads in one place. Different brands measure “top” differently, but most use a lower funnel conversion like purchases. This view allows them to see which ads are driving conversions, and checking it regularly lends insights into trends and changes in performance.

  1. The view that’s destroying soul-sucking power point slides: The Funnel View. One of our Creative Insights power users told us that each month, they’d spend hours putting together powerpoint presentations showing how different ad creative performed across their marketing funnel. They’d consolidate metrics from different sources, tie them back to ads, find the image and video files that were used in those ads, and put it all together in a powerpoint presentation that collected dust in people’s inboxes. Now they have a single view that does the same thing (except the collecting dust part). It not only saves them time, but more easily accomplishes the intended goal of generating insights. It’s also more dynamic, and can be updated or filtered for specific users’ needs.

  1. Analysts’ favorite view: scatterplots. Our users who are analysts tell us that they link the scatterplot view in Creative Insights because it allows them to more easily see relative performance of ads across two metrics at once. Whereas the “Top Ads” view provides a stack rank, the scatterplot makes it really clear if one ad did 3X better than another. It also makes it easy to compare clusters of ads that performed well (or not-so-well). You can drag your mouse and highlight clusters of ads on the scatterplot, and Creative Insights identifies the attributes of each cluster, making it easy to see what differentiates them. 

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May 30, 2021

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