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Use Insights Every Day

Originally published

February 24, 2021

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Insight is the marketer's stock and trade, the core value of the function. It's the biggest value-add we produce as marketers, but we get uptight about it--insight isn't a once-a-year thing, it's a daily thing, and the more we own that and accept the idea of small, practical insights, the better work we'll do.

Jove brings together data and creativity to help you produce everyday insights that can be used in precisely one million ways:

✍🏼 Write better briefs.

💸 Know how to allocate your advertising spend.

✉️ Identify resonant messages.

🌎 Proactively evolve your brand to stay relevant.

👦🏻 Know which audiences are most responsive.

️💁 Iterate with purpose, as opposed to randomly.

👨🏻‍🏫 Convince stakeholders your concept will work.

🗂 See all your creative in one place (without printing it out and taping it to a wall, which I've done).

🎨 Generate new creative concepts with a higher likelihood of working.

🕒 Save time compiling cross-channel reports.

🧗Substantiate that risky-seeming creative idea.

📑 Debrief campaigns more meaningfully.

📊 Optimize your ad buying execution.

💰 Avoid shameful budget failures.

🎨 Give concrete guidance to creative team.

💻 Hear what your customers are saying with their clicks.

🌠 Experiment systematically with new styles of creative expression.

🗃 Consolidate manual reporting processes in a single visual interface, automatically.

💬 Communicate data in unique ways creative people will understand and want to act on.

💡 Know exactly which ads do and don’t work - and why. ☯

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