Discover What Makes Your Best Ads — Your Best Ads

  • All your ads in one place.
  • Intuitive layout highlights what works.
  • Let your brand shine.

Creative Insights fuels every stage
of the ad process.

How does it work?

Step 1: Bring All Your Ads Together

Share your platform account IDs with Jove and your ads from the last 18 months will appear into the Creative Insights for you to play around with.

Step 2: See the Results

Jove automatically applies tags to your ad assets and enables you to add custom tags unique to your brand so you can showcase learnings most meaningful to you.

Step 3: Start Understanding the 'Why'

Apply filters and sort by metrics that matter most to you to pinpoint your best or worst performing ads. Identify common themes to continuously evolve and express your brand.

The best brands test everything.

Why Jove?

Online advertising is tremendously complex.
We want to make it feel simple.

When we say 'simple,' we mean getting the technology and data complexities wrangled so marketers can focus on what they do best: Thinking strategically. Generating creative ideas. Championing the customer. Finding business breakthroughs.

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Creative Insights by JoveCreative Insights by Jove


$99 / user / month


  • Full access to Creative Insights.
  • Onboarding and training.
  • Dedicated online support.


> Which channels does Creative Insights Support?

Facebook, Instagram, Google Display Network, YouTube, Google Search, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Bing. 

> Many factors can affect ad performance (reach, targeting, etc.) — why are creative variables so important?

Research indicates that creative is responsible for driving almost 50% of an ad's performance. No other factors come close to that.

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