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New Webinar How to Create a Full-Funnel Paid Advertising Strategy
June 10, 2021 at 9AM PT / 12PM ET
Keyword generator

Faster, More Flexible Keyword Management

  • Capture Long-tail Keyword Opportunities
  • Drag-and-Drop Campaign Creator
  • Create Hundreds of Keywords in Seconds

Magically Conjure Keyword Combinations

Defining keywords for paid search campaigns can be exhausting. The possibilities are seemingly endless, and yet, it always feels like there may be a one missing. With Keyword Generator, you can define groups of words and create all the possible permutations and combinations of those words in a matter of seconds.

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More Keywords without Any More Work

The last thing you need are endless keywords to sift through and manually review. With Keyword Generator, you can control which words are required, which are optional, whether they should tie to separate ad groups and more. Manage more keywords and capture more opportunities with less effort.

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Support for Multiple Bidding Strategies

Exact match, broad match, modifiers and phrases. How you manage these variables (and others) and bid against them will affect your results. Keyword Generator’s simple, drag-and-drop campaign creator gives you maximum flexibility to define a campaign structure that matches your bidding strategy.

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How it works

Step 1
Sync Google and Bing

Connect Jove to your Google and Bing account IDs.

Step 2
Generate Keywords

Create the keyword groups and combinations you need.

Step 3
Review and Publish

Refine keywords and campaign structure and publish live.

Why Jove?

Online advertising is tremendously complex.
We want to make it feel simple.

When we say 'simple,' we mean getting the technology and data complexities wrangled so marketers can focus on what they do best: Thinking strategically. Generating creative ideas. Championing the customer. Finding business breakthroughs.

Keyword generator


$29 / user / month


  • Full Access to Keyword Generator
  • Onboarding and Training
  • Dedicated Online Support
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> How long does it take take to publish keywords and campaigns to Google or Bing?

Keywords and campaigns typically publish in a matter of minutes, although time can vary based on the size of your list.

> At what level of granularity can I create keyword lists and manage campaigns?

Keyword Generator supports 4 match types: Exact, Phrase, Broad, and Broad Match Modifiers (BMM). Keyword lists and campaigns can also be managed by device type: Desktop, Mobile or Tablet. For each of the 12 possible combinations, up to 5 search campaigns with 10K keywords each can be created. That’s 50K keywords for each Match Type and Device Type combination.

Free Trial - 7 Days

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