Creative Insights by Jove

Know what works— and why

Fact: 65 percent of people are visual learners. So, while some people may love the appeal of a neatly formatted excel doc, it’s likely not the best solution for everyone – notably your creatives. Insights by Jove syncs with your ad platforms to showcase all of your ads and their results.

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Creative visuals at the forefront

Insights is a visually-rich, cross-channel view of ad performance you won’t find in native UI’s. Our unique grid and scatterplot views make it easy to stack rank and compare ads across all of your channels.

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Creativity, now powered by data

When browsing your library of creative assets and going through folders to find the perfect image, you don’t want to see everything — you want to see what works. Performance data paired with each ad tells your creative team exactly which assets are delivering the best results.

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Compare performance with ease

Avoid manually digging through ads in each platform draw an apples-to-apples comparison. Quickly navigate and compare specific ads using date, tag, and creative asset filters.

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