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Easy custom metrics to compare results across channels.

If you're struggling to reconcile the metrics generated by each of your team's activities, weighing, for example, a Facebook click against a YouTube click, or for that matter a Pinterest comment against delivery of a singing telegram, we've got the tool for you. Metrics by Jove makes it easy to create weighted metrics you can use to finally compare apples to apples.

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A simple way to normalize your metrics.

Every ad channel reports common metrics differently, which makes it difficult to measure the true impact of any single ad, campaign or channel. Reports that rely on advertisers’ pixels often don’t add up when compared to internally reported data, or more accurately, they may add-up and then some. With Metrics by Jove, you can add custom weightings to channel data, so the numbers reflect reality.

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No need for pricey, compicated multi-touch attribution solutions.

With Metrics by Jove, you can combine higher and lower funnel metrics into KPIs that reflect big-picture success, making it possible to track and quantify the value of the full customer journey. It's easy, and it's better, because without the need for time and money spent chasing measurement perfection, you can act faster--the real key to business success.

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Augment channel data to unlock insights.

The many conversion points along the funnel that precede the final conversion, sale, or goal all have value, whether you’re looking at impressions, clicks, page views, or other higher-funnel metrics. With channel data, it’s not too hard to get to the relative cost of these things, but it requires a little work and analysis to understand the relative value or benefit of these things. And what then? Tracking or measuring that relative value becomes tedious and requires the use of error-prone spreadsheet solutions or analytical support. Metrics lets you assign a value to almost anything though, so that you can build out easy to track dashboards and reports to measure these things more easily, all by yourself.

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