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Instantly save DAYS managing all your Facebook ads.

You need to launch some new Facebook ads for an upcoming campaign, and you've mentally steeled yourself for the copy-paste routine demanded by Facebook's native ads manager UI. Save time and energy with Publisher by Jove instead. With Publisher, you can generate multiple creatives, easily test different images and copy, and even publish across multiple Facebook campaigns all at once. Create, edit, preview, duplicate, and delete ads, apply dynamic utm templates for parameters like audiences and specific creative-ID’s, and more.

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Generate multiple Facebook ads across multiple campaigns and ad sets via a single workflow.

If you have ever had to duplicate ads in Facebook, or have been frustrated by an inability to copy an ad to a separate campaign, you need Publisher by Jove. Publisher lets you tweak, copy and publish ads across multiple campaigns, saving hours for anyone who finds themselves in Facebook ad manager on a daily basis.

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A creative generation tool that helps you quickly generate multiple ad variants using a combination of creative variables.

Publisher makes it easy to select multiple variables for each input — multiple images, headlines, CTA’s, landing pages and more — and will create an ad for each combination. Three images and three landing pages? In just a few clicks, you have 9 ads in an instant. See where this is going?

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Understand which variables drive performance by tracking and capturing more data with Publisher's rich UTM template capabilities.

Making use of dynamic UTM tracking for variables like “” or “campaign.objective” is standard best practice, but Publisher expands on this capability in ways not supported by native UI’s. Now you can append your URL’s with dynamic fields like image_name, video_name, audience_name, post_id and more. By making it easier to track these variables, Publisher makes it easier determine which of them drive performance.

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