Tags by Jove

Explore your data in new ways

Spend less time tweaking pivot tables and more time developing difference-making insights. Understand your data on your terms — view it by product line, customer segment, season, campaign, or any number of other potential variables across multiple ad channels.

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A digital label-maker for ad assets

Create and apply custom labels in mass across all of your ad channels and ad assets – images, copy, CTAs, landing pages, you name it. Easily categorize your ad assets in ways that make the most sense for your business, resulting in radically new ways to slice and dice your ad performance data.

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Tags that apply themselves

Common and popular tags have been automated to make it easy to get started organizing and analyzing assets and performance across channels. Long live automation.

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Uncover key business drivers

Develop an unparalleled understanding of your marketing data. See relative performance of tags, understand how different tags interact with one another, and pinpoint the themes that fuel your most successful ads.

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