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Media planning that learns on the fly.

Old-school media plans offered learning only through hindsight. But modern marketers need to test into learning with strategic plans built around unlocking success over time, one insight at a time. Modern media plans are forward-looking, testing toward objectives methodically rather than trying out best guesses based on past performance.

Tests by Jove will make it easy to build flexible, dynamic, goal-focused plans your team can work from immediately. The fundamentals are familiar: Start with a goal, define how to measure it, apply insights, allocate budget. What's new is the ability to make adjustments as you go based on what actually happens, in a controlled, efficient way.

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Unlock insights with easy-to-use testing templates.

We’ve taken the most common and popular kinds of marketing tests and created a library of testing templates to design your own ad tests. From testing creative variables to incrementality testing and more, Tests will guide you through the “how” of testing and quickly move you on to the “wow” of insights and learnings that will make your marketing team more effective.

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Sync directly to advertising channels to launch your tests and get automated results.

As part of the Jove platform, Tests is linked directly to your advertising channels, enabling you to quickly and easily launch tests that you’ve designed using Publisher [link]. With your accounts, campaigns, and ads synced, results are automatically summarized for you making distilling insights easier than you ever imagined.Marketing teams need to be able to move fast, and often, budget, people and time are real constraints in the testing process.

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Share and collaborate on test results and insights.

Append charts and graphs with comments, and generate external links for test summaries so that insights can be shared more broadly across the org.

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